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 Jun 29th, 2011 by zboudreau

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The Next Bite’s new season is right around the corner! Join Pete Maina as he chats with Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz, Chase Parsons and Brian Shram about what shows they shot for the upcoming season.

Listen as they share where they fished, their behind the scenes trials and tribulations of filming a fishing show, their success and new techniques that prove to be winners for catching Fish with Teeth!

Show open (appox 2 minutes)

Interview with Brian Shram (approx 9 minutes 30 seconds)

Interview with Gary Parsons (approx 7 minutes)

Interview with Keith Kavajecz (approx 6 minutes)

Interview with Chase Parsons and Pete Maina shares where he filmed this season (approximately 8 minutes)

Big Pike! Performed by Brian Shram

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