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 Jun 29th, 2011 by zboudreau

Modified Jun 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am

This is a tremendous little tip for use with any type of spinner lure, whether it’s an in-line or overhead spinner style. It’s exactly what I love in life: something very simple, comparatively easy-and I really believe increases interest and reactive strikes. Simply put, most folks just reel their spinners straight in… and often that works quite well with the combination of flash, vibration and a body to target.
A few anglers will jig spinnerbaits (can work great), but in general, a speed is picked and the bait is cranked in. Regardless of skirt material, it’s best to “puff” a spinner on the way in. Basically, this simply involves going twice as fast on part of a revolution with the reel handle-on the front side as compared to the back. This way, the retrieve is always mildly erratic, providing a more lifelike look. While some body materials like marabou hair move well on their own pretty well, regardless of the skirting material, puffing really adds action; with living rubber especially. Like a figure eight maneuver, this is the type of thing you need to practice – and watch that bait to see the effects. You’ll be surprised how much action it can add – creating a lure that appears to be breathing. Try it.