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 May 5th, 2012 by zboudreau

Modified May 5th, 2012 at 12:00 am

Muskie fishing demands strength and toughness from all of your gear, but reel and line are probably 2 of the most important parts to getting your muskies into the boat. Let’s see what Pete trusts to get the job done!

Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler ReelsBass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Reel

Muskie Angler gear has the power to subdue your fish quickly, so you can safely release him to fight again. Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Conventional Reels feature knockdown, lockdown power for taking on freshwater’s most impressive adversary in your choice of 4.2:1 gear ratio or 5.2:1.



SpiderWire UltraCast FluoroBraidSpiderWire UltraCast Fluoro-Braid

The braid that sinks like a fluorocarbon. FluoroBraid combines the sinking properties of a fluorocarbon with the strength and castablity of SpiderWire braided fishing lines. A breakthrough Gore fluoropolymer and Dyneema fiber blend provides a more direct line from rod tip to lure. The result is less slack in your line for ultimate sensitivity and faster hook sets.